Nú tweet’a tey úr Delhi

Svimjistjørnurnar byrja at flokkast í Delhi, og fyrstu ‘tweet’ eru tí at síggja á Twitter. Eamon Sullivan sigur at íbúðirnar eru “… Well, livable!“, meðan Marieke Guehrer skrivar “Apartments bit unfinished but air con works as does internet“. Ashley Delaney skrivar “all in all the village is not that bad, havent found any snakes in my room yet though!“. Og Cameron van der Burg skemtar “excited to see the village! Got my flute on hand to tame any snakes 😉“. Á Herald Sun sæst ein mynd her har Eamon Sullivan sær út til at hugna sær, við fryntligum indiskum maskinbyrsum í bakgrundini.

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  1. Hetta ljóðar næstan sum um at ein ‘friendly fire’ vanlukka er mest sannlíka terror-hending:

    Backed by 100,000 police across the Indian capital, authorities have drafted in an array of commandos, snipers and other security staff to protect up to 8,000 athletes and officials staying at the Games Village.

    MiG fighter jets and armed helicopters are also on standby for the Games, which get underway this weekend. Mi-35 attack helicopters will be airborne during opening and closing ceremonies, the India Express daily reported. Mobile surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft guns have also been deployed.


  2. Orki ikki at lesa hana alla beint nú, men skilji at har er nógv kaos, og tó lyfti um at alt verður klárt.

    The haven of the press centre brought little peace of mind. Four options for internet were offered. Three failed, the one that is working may not be available at the pool tomorrow. Wifi may or may not work. No-one has yet managed to get the blue web dongles being handed out to actually work. The pool venue is fabulous. The electronic timing at the pool is not up and running earlier today before opening ceremony lockdown. It is 7pm here. Heats beckon in a little over 12 hours. The results system may not be quite ‘live’, many computers throughout the Games yet to be loaded with the necessary pdf kit. ‘All will be fine’, is heard on the breeze. That view is not quite akin to a mountaineer peering from the crest of Everest through a blizzard and opining enthusiastically ‘soon be down’, but you get my drift.

    No start sheets yet. No sign that any are in the offing any time soon. In a few hours, India will face its first big test: the Opening Ceremony. The moment has come when all will be well must be converted to all is well. Time is up. A golden sun sets on the horizon of this sprawling but verdant urban jungle. Tomorrow we will know if Delhi has pulled it off. If it relied on the will, politeness and pleasantness, it would be a case of job very well done. Of course, the sports show must also be world-class, and that means more than the performances of the athletes themselves.


    1. Um tú sleppur undan at blíva etin um náttina av einum mosquito, so velji eg eina flogmús any day.. or night ;o)

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