Tí mugu superdraktirnar verða verandi

Kjakið í seinastuni hevur týðiliga víst, at hóast nógv tala at superdraktunum, so er tað eisini tey sum halda at tær eiga at verða verandi. Her niðanfyri eru fimm argument av blogguni hjá Southern Aquatics Swim Scaq Swim Club, undir yvirskriftini “Why the suits must stay!

  1. Never in the history of swimming have there been so many multinational rivalries – the playing field has been leveled
  2. Never in the history of swimming have there been as many televised swimming events both on cable and on the web
  3. We have more than two major players now sponsoring meets and open water events – Speedsuit revenue generated these sponsorships
  4. This isn’t your grandpa’s swimming any more and they have this new thingy called “goggles” too
  5. Two words: snappy dressers! Just look at that handsome devil above taking flight in his manly TYR Tracer Light modesty suit!

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