Fólk eru nú beinleiðis forargað um FINA

Nøkur úttalilsi úr grein á SwimNews:

  • Alain Bernard (fronsk superstjørna): “This decision will have serious consequences for swimming and us swimmers. FINA’s positions are contradictory and impossible to understand.”
  • Denis Auguin (venjari hjá Bernard): “It is beyond comprehension. We will see swimmers going well beyond what they are capable of and rivaling the best in the world. It is a complete absurdity. World swimming is … the athletes not the incompetents in the FINA office in Lausanne.”
  • Christian Donzé (franska svimjisambandið): “On one hand they ask us what we think of the idea of a return to textile … and on the other they approve the 100% polyurethane Jaked. That makes no sense.”
  • Lionel Horter (franskur landsliðsvenjari): “What has become of our sport? What are the values and priorities of the people in charge? It is such a terrible mess. Protest at worlds? I will do all I can to ridicule FINA.”
  • Jacco Verhaeren (hálendskur landsliðsvenjari): “It’s a nasty take of our sport. The first question that will be put to any winner in Rome will be ‘what suit are you wearing’ and the second one will be: ‘did you win because of your suit”. I am truly disturbed by this.”
  • Helge Goedecke (avstralskur venjari): “I thought what we saw in Beijing would not happen again. And now look… Why is FINA falling over? Everyone has the problem now to have to test suits. But how are you supposed to test them if you can’t buy them.”
  • Hugues Duboscq (franskur OL-heiðursmerkjavinnari): “I have a contract (adidas) that I will stick to. I am [skating] on ice. I will not wear a Jaked because I’d be too fast. The world championships are ruined … that’s not sport. It is [swimming] my passion, I’m not playing at it.”
  • Bernard Moustie (umboð fyri Speedo): “If Michael Phelps gets pulverised by a second-wrung swimmer, that will be be a good slap for FINA.”
  • Alan Thompson (avstralskur landsliðsvenjari): “I am extremely disappointed with the outcome.”
  • Grant Stoelwinder (venjari hjá Eamon Sullivan): “I know what the Jaked’s capable of.”
  • Forbes Carlile (avstralsk venjaralegenda): “By failing to speak up there are many in swimming who should hang their heads in shame over this disaster, which they have aided and abetted.”
  • John Leonard (venjaraumboð hjá FINA): “Suffice it to say to you, the decision of the [FINA] Executive does not follow the decisions of the Suit Commission in any way. I will express myself (after some questions) in Rome, face to face with the Executive.”

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  1. Franska ítróttaravísin L’Equipe boðar nú sambært SwimNews frá, at tey fara ikki at nevna nakað met í svimjing, fram til 1. januar 2010.

    L’Equipe has therefore decided that until Jan 1, 2010 and the theoretical disappearance (with FINA such things always require qualification) of 100% polyurethane suits, we will not refer to world, European and national records in our articles

    1. »I de kommende uger – og først og fremmest ved VM i Rom – vil rekorder blive slået i hvert eneste løb, eller i hvert fald i næsten alle løb, så det vil blive en overdosis. Det giver ingen mening. L’Equipe har derfor besluttet, at indtil 1. januar 2010 vil vi ikke omtale verdens-, Europa eller nationale rekorder i vores artikler«


  2. Úr The Washington Post:

    • Eric Shanteau (amerikanskur svimjari): “The nuclear arms race has gotten out of control for sure.”
    • John Leonard (venjaraumboð hjá FINA): “The rise of suits has been more destructive than anything the sport has seen in the last 50 years, including doping.”
    • Bob Bowman (venjari hjá Michael Phelps): “This is sport that used to be about technique and training and talent, and now it’s going to be about technology.”
  3. Svenski landsliðsvenjarin: “Jag tycker det vilar ett löjets skimmer över hela den här baddräktshanteringen”

    Hann hevur eisini eina fína mynd av støðuni, nú bara summi fáa bestu draktir: “Det är som om man sade till de sämre i skidtävlingar att de får åka på träskidor, medan de bättre får åka på plast. Så stor skillnad är det på dräkterna”


    Stefan Nystrand: “För egen del kommer jag bara att koncentera mig på mitt fram till VM, men hela debatten är egentligen knäpp och skruvad. Ingen av simmarna vill ha de här dräkterna, inte ens de som slår rekord eftersom folk tänker mer på dräkterna än på själva prestationen”

    Anne Forsell (venjari hjá Nystrand): “Det är en soppa alltihop och för jävligt. Rena rama Kalle Anka-fasonerna”


  4. Denis Pursley, høvuðsvenjari hjá bretska landsliðnum: “This is a disaster of great magnitude for our sport. It guarantees an unlevel playing field in Rome. It’s just impossible for me to understand the thinking in this reversal of position at the eleventh hour. FINA are in violation of their own rules that say that suits have to be readily available to all competitors. There will be no equal access to suits. It puts us in a difficult position with our sponsor [Speedo].”

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