Summer McIntosh 3:56.08 og nýtt heimsmet í 400 frí

16 ára gamla Summer McIntosh setti í gjár stórt nýtt heimsmet í 400 metra frísvimjing á langgeil, tá ið hon á kanadisku úttøkustevnuni til HM 2023 svam seg til úrslitið 3:56.08, har avstralska Ariarne Titmus átti heimsmetið á 3:56.40.

It’s her first world record — she holds many world junior and national records.

McIntosh was overrun with emotion after the race as she looked up at her parents cheering in the stands.

The normally composed and reserved teen broke down in tears.

“I’m not a crier,” she told CBC Sports after the race.

“It’s absolutely incredible. I’m not an emotional person. But I was hit with so much emotion. Pure euphoria right now. I’m just so grateful for everyone who got me to this point.”


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