Soni er ikki skjótari bringusvimjari, men tann sum bremsar minst

Áhugaverd grein her í The New York Times, um bringuteknikkin hjá Rebecca Soni, sum eigur 6 tær bestu tíðirnar í 200 bringu ár, umframt bestu tíð í 100 bringu.

World-class breaststrokers are generally distinguished by a powerful pull or, more often, a superior kick like that of Leisel Jones and Beard. Soni, a six-time N.C.A.A. champion at Southern California, is the exception.

“She’s what I would call a combiner,” said Sean Hutchison, a Team USA coach. “The timing and the way her arms and legs works is perfect, so she never slows down.”

He added: “I don’t think — and I mean this in a great way — that she’s necessarily faster than everybody else. She just slows down less than everybody else.”

Fyri at vera ein grein í einum vanligari (risastórari) avís, so eru har óvanliga nógvar góðar lýsingar av bringuteknikki, frá teimum sum eru fremst innan hesa svimjigrein.

Tak t.d. hetta, um hvussu venjarin hjá OL gullvinnara Mike Barrowman Jozsef Nagy lýsti “wave style” bringusvimjing fyri Barrowman á sinni:

To help Barrowman grasp the idea, Nagy showed him footage of a cheetah on the run.

“A cheetah keeps his head down and lifts his shoulders to run,” Barrowman said in an e-mail, adding, “It really did help me to get a mental picture of what the shoulders needed to do in the stroke.”

Journalisturin Karin Crouse skrivar eisini sjálv um teknikkin hjá Soni:

Soni owes much of her sustained success to her technique, which defies easy imitation. It revolves around her core and an abdomen strengthened by a regimen of yoga and Pilates. (Her strength was less of an advantage in the age of the full-length polyurethane suits that acted like corsets.)

She sweeps her arms in a quick sculling motion, moving water like a washing machine agitator. Soni’s head remains still, but her shoulders jerk. Her kick is abbreviated, with a motion that is less reminiscent of a frog than of a steel trap.

Og so er annað gott prát við venjara hennara David Salo og onnur, um bringusvimjing. Lesið greinina her á

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