Ian Thorpe á veg aftur í hylin ?

Slatur her á blogspot, at Thorpedoin møguliga er á veg aftur í hylin: “I can’t say a great deal, there’s murmurings everywhere and a big break in the story about to loom, and my site being as small as it is, I’m trying to avoid certain consequences, but given what Thorpey said in Dubai and various bits of information circulating, there’s substantiated talk that Ian is returning to the pool for a comeback in 2012.” Les behindtheblocks.blogspot.com

Ian Thorpe

Photo courtesy of mtlin, cc by-nc-nd

3 thoughts on “Ian Thorpe á veg aftur í hylin ?”

  1. Frá simma Norge

    Ian Thorpe med pressekonferanse
    Channel One bekreftar at Ian Thorpe skal avhalde pressekonferanse i morgon 12.00 Sydney-tid. (02.00 norsk tid) Tema: Ian Thorpes svømmeframtid. Det ventas at Thorpe vil annonsere comebacket omtalt tidligare i dag på Simma Norge.

    Hetta verður spennandi ;o)

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