USA Swimming kunngjørt “7-Point Action Plan”

Amerikanska svimjisambandið hevur í dag kunngjørt eina ætlan í 7 stigum, til at kunna verja børnini sum best í svimjiumhvørvinum. Stigini eru serliga at endurskoða ta skipan sum tey longu hava, í mun til skipanir hjá øðrum ungdómsfelagskapum, og at útbúgva og kunna allar partar um hesa skipan. Ein lyklasetningur er nokk eisini hesin, at tað í síðsta enda hoyrir til løgregluna heldur enn svimjisambandið, at skula taka støðu í førum har talan kann vera um kynsligan ágang: “Sexual abuse is a criminal activity, and one that should be immediately reported to the local police. As a secondary level of reporting, anyone can file a complaint with the Executive Director of USA Swimming.”

Tey sjey stigini í ætlanini hjá USA Swimming:

  1. Develop and disseminate comprehensive guidelines addressing acceptable coach behavior.
  2. Enhance the system for reporting sexual abuse to USA Swimming and law enforcement.
  3. Review USA Swimming’s Code of Conduct, as well as those of other top youth organizations.
  4. Review USA Swimming’s current background screening program and determine if enhancements can be made.
  5. Produce stronger communications to member clubs, which are responsible for hiring and employing coaches, regarding pre-employment screening, and the responsibility associated with hiring club employees.
  6. Evaluate the process for sharing coaching history records with member clubs and other youth organizations.
  7. Educate athletes, parents, coaches and club leaders on this important issue.

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  1. Amerikanski OL-heiðursmerkjavinnarin Margaret Hoelzer hevur eisini verið fyri kynsligan ágang, sum barn av einum pápa at einum vini, ið eftir øllum at døma einki hevði við svimjing at gera. Hon heldur at trupulleikin er ikki bara innan (svimji)ítrótt, men í samfelagnum sum heild:

    “Since going public with my own abuse, many people in life have come forward and told me their stories. I can’t think of a single one who’s a swimmer. There’s a problem in USA Swimming, but not any more so than society as a whole.”

    Craig Lord á SwimNews heldur áfram, at hetta við kynsligum ágangi altso hoyrir undir løgreglu og rættarskipan:

    “The difficulty in pointing a finger at USA Swimming is highlighted by the case of Deena Deardurff Schmidt, a 1972 Olympic gold medallist who last month disclosed that she was molested by her coach while training in the 1960s. The name of the man will surely be of interest to USA Swimming but even when armed with a name that the swimmer refuses to provide and in the absence of any criminal prosecution, if that is indeed the case, what is the federation supposed to do? The name of the alleged abuser is one that has raised eyebrows beyond American borders, so it may be one that is of interest to more than just USA Swimming.”

    “USA Swimming stands accused by Little and others of “policing itself” but has it truly any authority to police alleged sex-crime offenders in the absence of criminal prosecution?”

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