Schoeman vil hava svimjarar at standa saman

Suðurafrikanski Roland Schoeman roynir nú at stovna ein felagsskap fyri svimjarar, til at fáa eitt sindur av maktini aftur frá FINA, og til at hjálpa við at stýra ítróttinum. Hann hevur stovnað bólkin “International Swimmers Association” á Facebook, har tað í innganginum stendur:

FINA have until now exerted far too much control on the world of swimming. We as swimmers and the major attraction behind any national/international swim meet need to finally stand together and unite as one voice so that we can help control our sport.

Day in and day out decisions are being made for us by FINA, it is clear that our international representatives sitting on FINA’s board are unable to make a significant impact and aid us.

I am trying to establish a swimmers association where we will gain back some power in the world of swimming. That we will have a greater say in matters of significance.

If you feel strongly about this please join this group. If not then feel free not to.

This is only a first step, after the group is established and we have enough support we can look at officially starting an association and getting further legal assistance.

We can finally make a change for the better in our sport. Please help me in this

Ífall nakar ivast, so er Schoeman ímóti superdraktunum.

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One thought on “Schoeman vil hava svimjarar at standa saman”

  1. Brent Hayden alment í Facebook bólkinum: “Great article on SwimNews Roland. It’s seriously getting out of control.”

    Shane Gould: “Hi Roland et al About time swimmers dropped their conservatism – swimming is no longer done by amateurs and children. Some ‘swarming activism’ is needed. Have a plan and maybe an alternative…Loud voices are great but creative solutions even better. Shane Gould watching and cheering from Tasmania.”

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