Bousquet fyrsti maður undir 21 sekund

Franski Frederick Bousquet sorlaði heimsmetið í 50 frí á langgeil, tá ið hann á fronsku meistarastevnuni í dag svam 20.94, har heimsmetið hjá avstralska Eamon Sullivan var 21.28. Alain Bernard var eisini undir heimsmetið við 21.23, men kemur tó ikki við til HM á hesum teini, av tí at Amaury Leveaux er forhondsúttikin vegna sítt OL silvur á teininum, frá Beijing í 2008. Les her á SwimmingWorld

Bousquet setti metið í einari Jaked ‘superdrakt’, sum er klárt tann mest kontroversiella í løtuni. Lesið t.d. her á, har Jon Rasmussen skrivar: “Vi kan kun håbe på at FINA ikke godkender dragten til VM, så vi ikke skal se endnu flere verdensrekordholdere få slettet deres rekorder af svømmere der reelt set er dårligere, ligesom det har været tilfældet så utallig mange gange det sidste år”

Craig Lord á er sum væntað eisini ógvuliga, ógvuliga skeptiskur. “I don’t feel like celebrating what might have been a wow moment in swimming history. Now at all. Shame for Fred, nothing personal – but this is a moment for sadness, not celebration”. Og “A “bloody mess”, said Amaury Leveaux, while his coach and France head coach said that these had been the worst days of his career”.

Har er ein heil eyka grein á við suffum frá Amaury Leveaux. Sum til dømis: “Look at Hugues Duboscq, he is qualified for the world championships, he won two medals at the [Olympic] Games and, here, he finishes fifth in the 200m final. Ahead of him: four Jakeds”. “French swimming has evolved, has become one of the strongest nations, and yet it is no longer credible”.

Hann leggur eftir Bernard við “FINA accepts such people as Alain (Bernard) … it’s nothing personal … he was able to swim a semi-final, set a world record in a suit [Arena X-Glide] that has not been approved”. Og hvat sigur venjarin hjá Bernard, í aðrari grein? “A swimmer you coach for 10 years, that gets up at six every day to swim, who swims 10,000km a year, does five hours of weights a week. All that reduced to nothing by a suit? Marvelous”. Og “The strongest three signals of the week were the Bernard world record in a suit not yet approved, and the two off-the-chart performances of Fred Bousquet. If that does not confirm what we all know, nothing will. It also told us that swimming is fast sliding down a slippery slope: the suit wars is a conveyor belt: it will get worse and worse until FINA either intervenes or throws the sport to the sharks”

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  1. John Lorn skrivar á SwimmingWorld:

    There was a point during this whole suit saga where I adopted the following thought process: Technology is part of life, and we need to accept change and the dropping times that will accompany the developing swimwear available from the United States to Europe to Australia. No sense in bitching about progress.

    That was then. Now? Well, my viewpoint has changed – to say the least. As we see more and more records fall – world and national – it’s increasingly obvious that the sport has become, to a degree, farcical. It used to be that it was easy to identify the studs of the aquatic world, a deep appreciation evident for the likes of Michael Phelps, Aaron Peirsol and Kosuke Kitajima, to name a few. These days, do we really know the skill level of, say, Spain’s Rafael Munoz?

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