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FINA kunnger serstakt HM í Budapest í juni 2022

Altjóða svimjisambandið FINA kunngjørdi fyri løtu síðani, at ‘ekstraordinert’ HM verður í Budapest í Ungarn í juni 2022, í staðin fyri avlýst HM í Tokyo í mai 2022. Hetta til at umganga at heimsins bestu svimjarar missa møguleikan í 2022, at kappast á hægsta støði.

“As an aquatics community, we are finding solutions around the pandemic and today’s announcement is an important step in this process,” FINA President Husain Al-Musallam said. “We know we need to be imaginative in our approach in navigating through the current health crisis for our athletes. Today’s agreement is a testament to this work. FINA also recognizes that the pandemic is evolving differently according to time and place. We are extremely fortunate to have event hosts that share our passion for aquatics and have the willingness, capability, and flexibility to organize FINA’s most prestigious event. We are deeply grateful to all our hosts and know that aquatics athletes feel the same way.”

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aerial view of the city
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