Spanskur svimjari mátti lata bróstabarn sítt verða eftir heima, um hon vildi til OL

Tvífaldi OL-heiðursmerkjavinnarin Ona Carbonell er skuffað um støðuna, nú hon hevur verið noydd at lata bróstabarn sítt verða verandi eftir heima, til at kunna luttaka á OL í Tokyo. Orsøkin er strongu koronatilmælini í sambandi við leikirnar, lesið t.d. her á Reuters

“When I gave birth to Kai, I saw that I was getting in shape and that I could make it to the Tokyo Games. The first thing I did was ask if I could take my son, because I was breastfeeding him and they said no. For weeks some athletes posted on the networks this situation of having to choose between breastfeeding and family conciliation and the Olympic Games. Due to these complaints from different athletes I spoke with the Spanish Olympic Committee, which has helped me a lot together with the Superior Sports Council , and we wrote a request to see if he could take me to Kai and they told me that it was possible, but that the conditions were not set by them but by the government of Japan, “explains Ona in the video posted on social networks.

“I finally had to make a very tough decision, with my team, who is helping me a lot, with my coach, who is also helping me, and with my family, because the conditions set by the government of Japan are incompatible with performing in an Olympic Games “.

The conditions are that Pablo (her partner) and Kai would have to be in a hotel probably far from the Olympic Village, as she herself points out, and they would not be able to leave there in the more than 20 days that she will be in Tokyo.

“To go breastfeed Kai I would have to leave the Villa, get out of my bubble and go to the hotel and put the team at risk. It tastes very bad to me and hence this video,” he argues. “I hope that all these athletes who are going through the same thing as me help to visualize this situation and normalize something that should be, but obviously it is not”.

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Ona Carbonell er synkronsvimjari sum vann silvur og bronsu á Olympisku Leikum í London í 2012, umframt at vera heimsmeistari frá HM í Rom í 2009, og út yvir tað at hava vunnið eina rúgvu av heiðursmerkjum á HM og EM.

IOC legði herfyri hesa video út við Onu Carbonell, har hon greiðir frá avbjóðingunum við at vera mamma og samstundis úrvalsíðkari, undir yvirskriftini “Ona Carbonell: “Maternity in sport is still a taboo topic”

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