FINA krevur nú at allir havsvimjarar hava venjara við

FINA hevur í dag sent út eina dagførda útgávu av sínum “Rules and Regulations for the FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup 2011 – 2013”, við einum fylgiskrivi har tey vísa á serliga hesa broytingina:

5.1 Entries: Entries will be accepted only from National FINA Member Federations which must also enter a coach for each respective swimmer. The role of the coach is to represent the swimmer at the Technical Meeting, coach the swimmer during the practice, and most importantly, feed the swimmer during the event. The FINA Technical Delegate together with the Chief Referee will accept entries and register only swimmers accompanied by the respective coach who is in charge of swimmer recognition during the race. A swimmer without a coach present will not be allowed to start the race.”

Ger viðmerking

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