Speed Endurance gleðir seg til Rouault vs Joensen

Tom Willdridge á Speed Endurance Swimming Blog gleðir seg til serliga fimm dystir á World Cup í Stokkhólmi, har bara tann eini millum Rouault og Joensen er ein verulig ‘mano a mano‘ holmgonga:

Sebastien Rouault vs Pal Joensen – 1500m Free

After their epic battle in Budapest this summer, we’ll get to see Rouault v Joensen Part II. In one of the best races of the European Champs, Joensen led for 1350m with Rouault trailing by up to 3 seconds during the race, however the Frenchmen reeled in Joensen to win in a time of 14:55.17 to 14:56.90.

Joensen on home turf (kind of, still in Scandinavia) has his chance for revenge and has more SC racing this year under his belt, Rouault though is a product of the US collegiate system won’t have any problems in SCM.

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