Fujairah rutan var bara 2 km, innanfyri eitt grótkast

The New York Times skrivar her um hendingina tá ið Fran Crippen doyði í havsvimjing í Fujairah nær Dubai í Sameindu Arabisku Emiratunum, at tað so avgjørt tók 2 tímar at finna Fran Crippen, á eini 2 km rutu innanfyri eitt grótkast:

It is undisputed that it took about two hours for rescuers to find Crippen’s body out on the triangular, 2-kilometer ocean course located behind a breakwater, an operation that did not begin until one of his teammates, Alex Meyer, pointed out he was missing. Meyer and other competitors actually dove back in the water to help in the frantic search, but it was too late.

Tey skriva eisini, at har vist nokk kundi hava verið ‘GPS-like’ devices á hvørjum svimjara, sum hevði kunnað gjørt tað lættari at finna Fran Crippen, so skjótt sum tey høvdu mist hann burtur:

Race organizers insist they took all necessary safety measures, including lifeguards, boats and divers. Shoulberg, who was not at the meet, said he has been told there were not enough boats, there were not any radios aboard the boats to ensure proper communication and that, for some reason, the swimmers were not wearing GPS-like devices that help determine their times during the race — and can make it easier to keep up with everyone, given that competitors often get separated by large distances and it is not always possible to keep an eye on everyone from shore.

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  1. Veit ikki um eg vil kalla hetta fyri ‘an expert opinion’, at maðurin mest sannlíkt doyði brádliga tí at hann enn var í svimjibrillunum. Men so siga tey …

    While a United Arab Emirates federation official said that Crippen likely died in “one second’’ because he was found still wearing his goggles, the autopsy report has not yet been released.


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