Fran Crippen doyði í dag á World Cup í Dubai

26 ára gamli Fran Crippen úr USA doyði í dag á FINA Open Water 10K World Cup í Dubai, undir sjálvari kappingini. Luttakararnir løgdu fyrst til merkis við mállinjuna at Crippen manglaði, og svimjararnir sjálvir fóru tí beinanvegin aftur á leiðina at leita, har kavarar funnu hann tveir tímar seinni, við síðstu boyu. Tá høvdu tey áðrenn lagt til merkis, at hann minkaðu um ferðina tá ið tey svumu 3. av 5 umgangum. Besta altjóða úrslit hjá Crippen var bronsa á HM í Rom í 2009. Lesið her á SwimmingWorld Magazine.

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  1. Hatta er umleið tað ringasta sum kundi henda, og ljóðar fullkomiliga jánkasligt. Éitt er at hann doyr, men hvar eru fólkini rundan um hann?

  2. Belgiski havsvimjarin Tom Vangeneugden skrivar hetta á Twitter, sum nokk ikki krevur týðing:

    SCHANDALIGless than a minute ago via web

    Og har er nógv annað, um man leitar eftir ‘fran crippen’ …

  3. Hvat skal ein hugsa ella siga? Hetta var ein heimsstjørna við so nógvum royndum… hvussu kann slíkt koma fyri?
    Fran Crippen
    Beint nú blomstrar langtein svimjing í Føroyum, og hesir svimjarir eiga sjálvandi at royna seg í Open Water Svimjing… ella eiga tey? Huff…

  4. Hetta er snøgt sagt ein skandala !

    Information provided to Swimming World demonstrates that the water was likely too hot for the event as several swimmers, including USA’s Eva Fabian and Christine Jennings, were treated for heat exhaustion at the hospital after the race.

    FINA does not have a maximum temperature allowed, but does have a minimum temperature for an open water swim to take place.

    Additionally, according to information received by Swimming World, there was a single boat for the referee along with up to three jet skis with one assigned to the lead group. According to the same information, no lifeguards were on land or near the swimmers. The only other boats around the course contained media members and other spectators.

    The last time Crippen was seen alive was when he passed the first feed station on the final lap, and was seen to be struggling. Upon completion of the race, according to our source, no one was keeping track of swimmers as they finished.

    1. Eg hoopi ikki at Maglione orðaði seg soleiðis:

      “Det var en frygtelig ulykke. Men det er hvad der sommetider sker i fodbold, basketball og andre sportsgrene: En aktiv dør,” siger FINA-præsidenten til nyhedsbureauet AP.

      Tí tað er eingin ivi um at fyriskipararnir hava skitið í valsin. At ein luttakari doyr er éin ting … men at eingin uppdagar at ein manglar, og tey síðani ikki kunnu finna hann í nakrar tímar ….

      Orðingin á enskum sambært AP:

      Maglione said it was the first death in any FINA event. “It’s like (what) happens sometimes in soccer, in basketball, in other sports. In one moment, one athlete dies,” he said. Maglione said FINA has opened an investigation. “All was under strict rules that exist in our competition. All was absolutely correct,” he said. “It was an accident, a terrible accident.”

  5. The world’s No 1 open water swimmer, Thomas Lurz, of Germany, was among those who felt that conditions were unsuitable for world-class racing. He said: “In my experience having water that’s too hot is the same danger as when its too cold water. My hands were swollen very much and not only mine … my teammates hands, Jan Wolfgarten’s were swollen too.”

    Lurz believes that, out of respect for but also regardless of the findings into cause of death relating to Crippen, FINA ought to consider urgent rule changes for open water: “There must be a temperature limit like in the pool. I am also the opinion that 16 is too cold. We had swimmers in Canada [Roberval world championships] who went to hospital after being pulled out of the water … one of the swimmers has a body temperature of 31!” Lurz suggested that world-class racing should not take place in temperatures outside a range of 18C to 27C.

    He added: “Fran was a great athlete. He was really fit, one of the best, so what happened to him could happen to anyone of us. Nobody knows exactly how the body reacts under such conditions.”

  6. Nú byrjar ein mynd at tekna seg …

    FINA forsetin Maglione: “What we know initially is that he exerted himself more than he could, that’s what we know”“Apart from the investigation, we are awaiting a report from our technical director who says that everything was normal according to the regulations”

    FINA stjórin Marculescu, um tað at vatnið var so heitt: “For some athletes it’s good and for some it’s not. Our rules cover only cold water. “

    Stjórin fyri svimjisambandinum hjá sameindu emiratunum: “We are sorry that the guy died but what can we do. This guy was tired and he pushed himself a lot”

    Thomas Lurz, vinnari av kappingini: “The water was amazingly hot. For sure, it was more than 30 degrees” … “Nobody thought such things like yesterday could happen … It shows it was really just too hot. It was not just one swimmer. There were many swimmers who had serious problems in the water.”

    Og so Lurz víðari: “It was unacceptable that swimmers were searching for another swimmer. That is horrible” …. “Swimmers go under water in seconds. There need to be more boats, jet skis, canoes who can take care of every swimmer.”

  7. Lord hevur tosað við onkran svimjara sum luttók í kappingini, men sum ynskir at vera ónevndur:

    “I said to him that I honestly thought there should be because this water is just too hot. I rang my father and told him that I thought something bad is going to happen. When we swam in there the day before the race, the thermometer reading in the coolest part of the course, where we started, read 33C. But when we got out on the course there was a wall of heat. You could see the haze shimmering off the water at that part of the course. That’s what it was like where they found Fran. I just remember getting out of training saying ‘this water is too hot’.

    Og her er ein har hasin fyriskiparin í Dubai veruliga skítir í valsin, og Lord lukkutíð loftar tí upp á sín máta:

    “The competition was monitored and supervised by the International Swimming Federation. All security measures were taken care of as needed,” Al Hamour said. “We’ve organized so far 14 competitions and championships and never had any death.” Irrelevant – for you have one now, which is why the Fujairah police department has opened a file.

    1. Hetta ljóðar heilt út av lagi galið, serliga tí at tey vistu av trupulleikum við Dubai frá í fjør:

      “At the technical meeting, among questions raised were safety, water temperature, shading for swimmers. Those concerns were all but swept under the carpet by officials and we were left not knowing where we stood. I felt so sorry for the American coach who had so many swimmers to watch. It should not have been for him to have to do that. Organisers should have been watching every swimmer.”

      “FINA representatives were at the two other events held in Dubai and [other venue in the Gulf] last year when safety issues were raised. They must have approached this event knowing that safety was an issue of concern. I and others have stood up at meetings before and raised concerns and been shot down in flames.” The official then names representatives of FINA and LEN commissions and described them as “yes men who just say ‘yes’ to organisers because they want to be on the next trip … a whole cultural change is needed.”

      “I have read reports about safety boats. There were no safety boats. The jet skis were for the referee, the assistant referees for men and women. The coast-guard boat had no human life on it until Fran was reported missing and Alex Myers (USA) raised the alarm after the race. The boat had its curtains drawn throughout the race and there was no sign of life on board.”

  8. Las onkrastaðni at man skal leggja rættiliga nógvar gradir (7?) afturat hvussu vatnhitin ávirkar kroppin, um talan er um saltan sjógv. Hartil skein sólin niður á svimjararnar.

    Í greinini her fortelja Diana Nyad og onnur hvussu tað følist, har eitt FINA trygdarumboð enntá sigur, at sjógvur yvir 80° gradir Fahrenheit (26.6° Celcius) er sum at svimja í einum jacuzzi. Og tá var sjógvurin í Dubai eftir øllum at døma einar 87-90° Fahrenheit (30½-32° Celcius).

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