Enn ein lang (og beinrakin) grein um Pál Joensen

Hesuferð er tað spanska ítróttaravísin Marca sum skrivar um Pál, ið annars sambært Wikipedia oftast skrivar um fótbólt til sínar 2.75 milliónir dagligu lesarar. Langt og tó allan vegin í gjøgnum faktuelt rætt um Pál Joensen og Føroyar, um Suðuroynna og hylin í Vági við 4 geilum á 25 metrum, um Oyggjaleikir og úrslitini í Beograd, um HM í Rom í fjør, og um imponerandi menningina til nú at vinna silvur í Budapest. Alheims ítróttar-journalistar eru veruliga imponeraðir og áhugaðir, síðani teir ikki bara sleingja okkurt út, men skriva søguna sum hon er. Lesið her (á sponskum) á marca.com.

Um tykkara spanska er líka vánaligt sum mítt, so er ein skjótt Google umseting her:

Pal Joensen On Wednesday, a lad of 19 years, managed a historic medal for the Faroe Islands. This is the first medal in an international competition highlight of this archipelago located between Scotland and Iceland, which administratively is an autonomous region of Denmark. Olympic committee and has not, until now, the scope of competition are the Island Games, where rivals such as Man territories, the Falklands or Menorca.

The protagonist of this event, the swimmer emerged from the mist of the North Sea to give the bell, is Pal Joensen, a lad of 19 who struck in the final of the 1,500 free with his courage in leading the race up to 150 missing meters. Only the French could rein Sebastian Rouault his solo ride. Joensen is one of only two representatives from the Faroe Europeans.

Exceptional Career
Joensen’s case is exceptional. This math student is trained in the only pool that is on his island, Sudoroy, which has 5,000 inhabitants. The pool is 25 meters and has only four lanes.

The young landlord was released in 2008, when he won three titles at the European junior at distances of 400, 800 and 1,500 meters. Last year did not exceed 800 qualifying at the World Cup, but now is part of the elite, in a remarkable progression. It came with a textile swimwear brand in Budapest 15.16 and has been lowered 20 seconds.

“Their tactic is the product of hard work. There is no end of other swimmers, not even enough power in the legs shake,” said his coach. “It’s something we have to work by 2012. When you get that final speed will be very difficult to beat him,” he says, while another improvement radical adventure: “It can reduce to ten seconds next year. We’ll see.”

Joensen swim by Denmark in 2012
Neither coach nor swimmer yet know how or where they develop their preparations for the Olympics. With his European medal will open great prospects. It is the most famous athlete and has Faroe behind him throughout, had trouble concentrating. “Compared with the other finalists, is far from ideal conditions. It is not perfect, but our philosophy is to train as hard as possible within our limited resources,” he consoles Bjarnasson.

In any case, Joensen not swim in London in 2012 for its islands, which are not part of the IOC. It could only do so representing Denmark. “He said and he would not go to the Games,” reveals Paulus Wildeboer, technical director of the Federation of Danish and father of Aschwin, the Spanish international. “We’ll see if now is thinking the same. Participate in our tournaments and the doors are open to compete with our selection.”

Og ja, greinin er eitt sindur gomul, frá 13. august. Onkuntíð tekur tað eitt sindur av tíð, áðrenn Google News Search finnur tíðindini 🙂

Ger viðmerking

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