Í kvøld fær USA Swimming høggið

Tíðindasendingin “20/20” hjá ABC News fer í kvøld at viðgera pædofili-gøluna í amerikanskari svimjing, undir heitinum “Inside USA Swimming – Secrets and Betrayal”, har tilvísingin vælsagtans er til amerikanska svimjisambandið USA Swimming. Í tíðindum um gøluna søkir rásin aktivt eftir fleiri upplýsingum, við tilvísing til oyðublað “if you have more to add to this investigation”. Á heimasíðuni hjá USA Swimming verjir forsetin seg við at tey gera alt tað sum tey kunnu, og at har eru ósannindi í søguni. Men spurningurin er um tey fáa ein fót til jørðina, nú gølan í Vatikaninum koyrir við fullum blussi, samstundis sum til dømis SwimNews.com kann diska upp við líknandi søgum úr Bretlandi og Írlandi, har olymiskir venjarar fyrr eru dømdir fyri kynslig misbrot ímóti sínum svimjarum.

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  1. Tony Austin á SCAQ skrivaði tá ið desember um hvussu skótarørslan verjir sínar limir, við at nokta sínum leiðarum at vera einsamallir saman við børnunum. Nú nevnir SwimmingWorld hetta, í grein um sendingina í gjárkvøldið …

    One suggestion that has been making the rounds in the swimming blogosphere, mostly championed by Tony Austin at the Southern California Aquatics Blog, ever since news first broke about the lawsuit against USA Swimming regarding these issues is for the national governing body to apply some of the policies in place in the Boy Scouts. The two primary points are that there would be no one-on-one meetings and zero physical contact allowed between a swimming coach and a minor. The two things a pedophile needs to prey on a child are privacy and the ability to touch. If these two items were adopted the red flags would go up as soon as possible within the potential molestation process.

    We asked Wielgus specifically about these two points as well as what USA Swimming is working on going forward to help stop sexual abuse in the sport:

    “We are looking at what other youth organizations are doing, and what they have in place that we could apply to USA Swimming. It is a little too early to commit to those two specific things, and say we are going to implement those. However, I would say that those are on the table for us to study and consider among other things.”


  2. Viðmerkjarar til greinina á ABC News “”turned, burned and went ballistic”, sum Tony Austin skrivar tað her á scaq.blogspot.com, um at forstjórin hjá amerikanska svimjisambandinum í greinini og vist nokk sendingini segði nei til at vilja biðja um umbering, frá teimum sum hava verið fyri misbrotum.

    Tað endar so við at hann (ella onkur sum brúkar hansara navn) kemur við eini frágreiðing í viðmerking til greinina á ABC News:

    I understand and appreciate the sentiment, and even the outrage, that some people might have over my comments about apologizing, or not apologizing, to the victims of these terrible crimes. While the quotes are accurate, they fail to take into account the context in which they were given during my interview with Brian Ross. I agreed to participate in the interview with Mr, Ross because I saw this as an opportunity to openly discuss what is a major societal issue and global problem. The issue of inappropriate behavior by adults with underage youth is something that every youth-serving organization must face; including all youth sports programs, schools, camps, clubs, religious youth groups, etc. While no organization has a child protection system that is fool proof, USA Swimming has safeguards that are constantly being reviewed and improved upon. When Mr. Ross agressively asked me if I owed an apology to the victims, I confess to taking umbrage to what I at first interpreted as a personal attack. Having worked with the volunteer and staff leaders of USA Swimming for more than a dozen years, I knew first-hand how committed these people were to constantly finding ways to improve every aspect of the organization’s programs and services and my comments were a reflex reaction to what I perceived as an unfair attack. My heart breaks for these poor kids who lost so much of their innocence when they put their trust and faith in a coach who then used his position of trust and authority to take advantage of them. I’m incredibly sorry these awful things happened, but the reality is that I also believe USA Swimming was doing everything it reasonably could to have appropriate safeguards in place; and we will continue to evaluate and implement whatever additional safeguards we can to help our member clubs provide as safe and healthy an environment as possible for the hundreds of thousands of kids who have chosen to participate in sport of swimming. Chuck Wielgus

  3. Um Brian Hindson, sum í loyndum í eini 10 ár filmaði sínar svimjarar skifta:

    Um Andy King, sum í eini 30 ár gjørdi seg inn á sínar svimjarar:

    Tony Austin hevur tilvísing til ein lista á scaq.blogspot.com, yvir 32 venjarar ákærdir ella dømdir svimjivenjarar, ið verða nevndir í sakini “Jane Doe versus USA Swimming, Pacific Swimming and San Jose Aquatics”

  4. Hann er keddur um at hava virkað so líkaglaður, og biður um umbering, ífall at tey í USA Swimming ikki hava gjørt nokk: “I also am extremely sorry if our organization has not done enough to provide the highest level of child protection safeguards and guidelines.”

    Men tað tykist sum um at tey flestu hava fangað tað, sum hann royndi at siga. At trupulleikin ikki er størri í USA Swimming, enn í samfelagnum sum heild, og at foreldur og onnur altso eisini hava ábyrgd.

    Til dømis her av deadspin.com:

    It’s unfortunate that Wielgus is so bad at PR because I actually think that his points aren’t all wrong: while USA Swimming should be taken to task for mishandling these cases, it seems lazy for 20/20 to try to paint this abuse as either endemic to, or epidemic in, the sport of swimming specifically.

    “You’ve got to put this in much broader context,” argues Wielgus in the interview. “Have we banished from our sport three to four coaches a year for inappropriate conduct over the last 10 years? The answer to that is yes.”

    The sexual abuse is unspeakable, obviously, but put that way — three to four coaches a year, out of many thousands spread out in motley towns and cities around the country — is it actually unusual?

    I don’t know for sure, because the ABC report gives little in the way of comparison. I’d be interested to know whether the prevalence of abuse is more marked in swimming than, say, hockey: recall the high-profile case of Graham James, who tormented Sheldon Kennedy and Theo Fleury among others. ‘

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