“When in Rome…”

Bretin Mark Foster er sera harmur um, at FINA loyvir superdraktum aftur. Tað er at lesa á BBC Sport:

“The world championships are now going to be the suit wars and it’s taken the shine off swimming… …Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the world but someone wearing a Jaked suit will beat him if he’s using a Speedo suit – they are that effective…. …I want to see the sport go back to a pair of swimming trunks but that will never happen because this has gone too far now. There’s also too much money involved in the swimsuit manufacturers… …To me these suits are the equivalent of steroids…”

Venjarin Michael Scott væntar, at svimjarir fara at mótmæla FINA:

“I have no doubt that the voice of swimming will make itself heard if what I expect to happen in Rome happens”

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, sigur orðatakið, sum merkir, at man eigur at fylgja siðvenjuna hjá teimum lokalu, sum man ferðast hjá. So kanska eiga allir luttakarnir í komandi HM í Rom at svimja í Jaked draktum?

Ger viðmerking

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