Leonard viðmælir venjarum ikki at massera

Áhugaverdur tekstur á www.swimmingcoach.org, ið er heimasíðan hjá felagnum fyri svimjivenjarar í USA. Formaðurin John Leonard heitir á allar venjarar í felagnum, um ikki at veita ungum svimjarum massagu, tí at tað ov ofta annaðhvørt fer ov langt, ella verður hildið at fara ov langt …

TO: All American Swimming Coaches Association Member Coaches
FROM: John Leonard
RE: Licensed massage therapists
Date: June 2, 2009

Let me state this as clearly and simply as possible: If you are not a licensed massage therapist, you have no business providing massages to young athletes at any time or location.

Legal recommendations from a number of cases in recent years have made this very clear…”massage” is on the slippery slope to perceived or real sexual misconduct.

It is not a part of coaching. Please take heed and govern yourself accordingly.


Ger viðmerking

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