BlueSeventy fer at saksøkja FINA

Hatta sigur BlueSeventy stjórin Steve Nicholls á bloggu síni, at “Accordingly, and in the interests of the swimming fraternity and blueseventy’s loyal supporters and athletes it has now instructed lawyers in Europe to take the matter up with FINA directly and immediately”. Craig Lord heldur lítið um avgerðina, og sigur m.a. á SwimNews at FINA er vart av sveisiskari lóg, og at BlueSeventy tí skal hava eina rættiliga vatntætta sak, um teir skulu kunna vinna.

3 thoughts on “BlueSeventy fer at saksøkja FINA”

  1. Var tað ikki okkurt við at framleiðararnir góðtóku ikki at kunna saksøkja FINA, nú tá ið draktirnar skuldu kannast umaftur eftir “The Dubai Charter”?

    “To the full extent permitted by law, the applicant expressly waives any claim against FINA its officers, employees and/or Commission Members arising out or in connection with the approval process set forth in these provisions.”

  2. “Blueseventy is claiming US$10,000 a day in compensation from FINA, the international federation, for the loss of approval of its wetsuit-lookalike race suits.”…”The company offered its customers full refund on any suits that may now not be used to race in.”

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