5 thoughts on “Italskur dómstólur lagt hald á HM hylin?”

  1. Eg skilji alt sum stendur í hasi greinini, men eg tími yvirhøvur ikki at fortelja tykkum, hvat stendur har ! :o)

  2. Sum Craig “bull****” Lord skrivar:

    “That does not apply to the Foro Italico, the race pool venue.”

    No worries, okur fara til Rom 😉

  3. “Today it transpired that the Foro Italico main competition pool is indeed at the heart of the problem: when TV reporters stopped by the pool and asked workers when they were aiming to get the improvement works on the pool in place, they replied: “sometime in 2010”. A bit too late for Roma 2009″

    FINA skal á neyðfund fríggjadagin at tosa um draktir, og fer so eftir øllum at døma eisini at viðgera støðuna í Italia. So teir fáa sikkurt nokk at gera 🙂

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