Venjarin hjá Bousquet leggur eftir Craig Lord

So hendi tað endiliga: Ein venjari talar alment at Craig Lord, og tankagongdini sum heild, at góðu úrslitini í dag eru bara vegna ‘superdraktir’. Update! Eitt lítið videobrot av FloSwimming við Bousquet, har hann verður spurdur beinleiðis: “I gotta ask you, what did you do to Craig Lord?” (koyrir tíverri illa í løtuni)…

Brett Hawke, venjari hjá Frederick Bousquet, skrivar her um greinina “Why Ruin Rome With A(nother) Lie?” hjá Lord á SwimNews, at “Time to give a rest, Craig. It is not all about the suits”. Og “The swimming community gets it: Craig Lord does not approve of the new swim suit technology”. Hann er argur um at Lord so ógvuliga leggur beinleiðis eftir Bousquet, í nevndu grein.

Og SO svarar Lord aftur her á SwimNews, við úttalilsum sum “Brett: don’t be daft mate. Your standpoint is out of line with the head coaches of the USA and Australia, Russian, Germany, Holland, Austria, Britain (I could, as you know, go on and on), out of line indeed with anyone who knows that the suits are behind performances that are off-the-chart. Suits that skew the result, that make comparison with the past impossible, that sever the thread of time, that negate the effect of water. To deny it, as you appear to do, is lunacy”.

Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Úr hasari videoini við Bousquet: “Michael is a pretty like inside like guy, so he has his headphones on and his bodyguard is right next to him so it is kind of intimidating”

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