Dale Oen og Van Der Burgh vilja (eisini) hava draktirnar vekk

Alexander Dale Oen

“We see people who have done not nearly as much work do those times that took us years to achieve. I was really happy about what arena said earlier in Manchester 2008, like ‘ok, if you accept this LZR that will be the start of a new era, careful’, but FINA did not listen and now look where we are. I just hope that Beijing was not the last Olympics to be close to fair…for us it seems that Athens 2004 was the last Olympics that was truly down to the person not the suit.”

Cameron Van Der Burgh

“It’s sad what’s happened. I would be more than willing to go back, and so would any great or good swimmer. Some random Joe puts on a random suit right now and becomes superman right away. It takes it out. Times don’t mean anything these days. I didn’t wear neoprene or anything like it in 2007. It doesn’t have the same vibe now to break a world record. It’s lost its special nature. It’s like monotonous.”

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One thought on “Dale Oen og Van Der Burgh vilja (eisini) hava draktirnar vekk”

  1. Puha, hetta er rein dómadagstala, nú Van Der Burgh tosar um samrøðu millum seg og Dale Oen.

    “I was speaking to Alex and saying that we have the X-Glide now, we’ll wear it and compete this summer if that’s allowed, but I didn’t want to wear it because it will be banned by December. I don’t want to do 58.2 in the 100m and then never be able to get back there. It would be so demoralizing and depressing. The worth of a personal best is immense. It’s what keeps you going.”

Ger viðmerking

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