Alshammar til Avstraliu at venja

Svenska Therese Alshammar fer nú til Avstraliu at venja í øllum førum eitt hálvt ár, saman við sínum persónliga venjara Johan Wallberg, og saman við hópinum hjá Stoelwinder, sum longu telur so frægar frí- og firvaldasvimjarar sum Eamon Sullivan, Libby Trickett, Andrew Lauterstein og Geoff Huegill. Les

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  1. Úr greinini:

    A swimsuit malfunction just minutes before the semi-finals of the 50m freestyle in Beijing scuttled her hopes.

    The zipper on her suit popped open as she was preparing to walk out for the race and it took the combined efforts of rivals Dara Torres and 16-year-old Australian Cate Campbell to fix it so she could race.

    But Alshammar was thrown by the incident and failed to qualify for the final.

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