Nú sleppur hettan hjá Phelps út í rúmdina

NASA astronaut Mike Massimino talks with Busch about his upcoming trip to outer space, which will include taking an autographed Michael Phelps swimming cap with him on the shuttle to repair the Hubble telescope. Massimino talks about the origins of the idea and what he might be able to do with the cap while in space.

2 thoughts on “Nú sleppur hettan hjá Phelps út í rúmdina”

  1. Bartal – hvussu langt røkkur webkameraið hjá okkum? Heldur tú vit kunnu fáa eina mynd av Massimino í svimjihettu, meðan hann spákar í rúmdini?

Ger viðmerking

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