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Agnes Davis Says 70% of Blacks Don’t Know How to Swim

49 min 24 sek síðani
The Founder of “Swim, Swim, Swim I Say,” Agnes Davis stopped by the WBLS studios to talk about why African Americans NEED to learn how to swim.

What Diseases Can You Catch While Swimming?

51 min 29 sek síðani
When summer comes around, millions around the world go swimming in oceans and lakes. Is it safe?

Baby Your Baby: Child Swimming Lessons

53 min 44 sek síðani
May is national water safety month and one of the best ways to stay safe around water is learning how to swim. Jumping into the deep end may not seem like a good idea for an infant, but with parent-child swim classes, an early start is key. Liz Walker, owner of SwimKids says, Children are [...]

Men use boogie boards to rescue swimmer

58 min 53 sek síðani
Bystanders on a Hutchinson Island beach jumped in to save a drowning young man they say was caught in the rip current on Monday.

Amateur Swimming Association receive RNLI award for Swim Safe initiative

1 tími 3 min síðani
Since it began in 2013, over 6,000 children have taken part in Swim Safe schemes, a partnership programme between the Amateur Swimming Assocation (ASA) and the RNLI. While swimming in a pool is a great way of building confidence and technique, open water swimming comes with its own challenges and dangers. They receive the RNLI [...]

5,000 people swim across Yellow River

1 tími 4 min síðani
Five thousand people from around China have swum across the Yellow River to promote sports.

Tourists Swim With Huge Group Of Playful Sea Lions

1 tími 5 min síðani
How amazing would it be to spend time splashing around with some of the sea’s friendliest creatures? One diver got to live the dream of many by getting up close and personal with a huge sea lion colony just off the coast of Mexico’s Isla Santa Margarita and, as the video shows, the cute pups [...]

YMCA – Free Swim Lessons For Kids

1 tími 7 min síðani
WKYT News at 5:30 PM 05-22-2015

Is there such a thing as too young to swim?

1 tími 14 min síðani
“My friends jumped and I jumped with them and I almost…” 10-year-old Gabriela tried to explain the time she almost drowned. “It was deep and I didn’t know how to swim.” It was just a few years ago she jumped into a river with her friends. The only problem? She didn’t know how to swim. Her [...]

Man drowns trying to swim across pond with 10 lb rock

1 tími 21 min síðani
A Memorial Day outing on the water turned tragic in Butte County. A young man drowned on his 21st birthday after reportedly trying to swim across a pond while carrying a ten pound rock. According to the Oroville CHP, 21-year-old Austin Harr of Gridley drowned while swimming at the Gridley Plunge, in the Oroville Wildlife [...]

Suspended swimmer Park Tae-hwan to resume training

3 tímar 27 min síðani
Park Tae-hwan, Olympic swimming champ currently on a doping suspension, will resume training at a public pool in Seoul, officials said Wednesday. Park will train with his old coach Roh Min-sang at the Olympic Swimming Pool starting June 1, the arena’s operators said. In March, Park, the 2008 Olympic gold medalist in the men’s 400-meter [...]

2015 Buchanan Invitational: Missy Franklin’s First Professional Race

3 tímar 29 min síðani
A bet that I could beat Missy in a 25 yd swim race. She won best 2 out of 3.

Classmates mourn 12th grade student who drowned near Lillington

3 tímar 32 min síðani
Hours after divers recovered the body of a missing 18-year-old swimmer from a lake near Lillington, his classmates honored the soon-to-be graduate. Around 5:45 p.m. Monday, the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office said Justice Clark and three friends were swinging on a rope swing at the lake when they began calling for help. “A group of [...]

National Black Heritage Swim Meet Held in Cary

3 tímar 39 min síðani
It was a full house at the Triangle Aquatic Center in Cary this weekend, but the event was no ordinary swim competition. The National Black Heritage Championship swim meet celebrates the culture of African Americans and other groups in swimming. The meet attracts swim teams from all over the country, including teams from as far [...]

Swimmer’s Death in Florida Brings New Attention to Rip Current Dangers

3 tímar 48 min síðani
The death of a swimmer this Memorial Day weekend in Florida has drawn new attention to the dangers of rip currents. One person drowned Sunday after he was pulled from the surf in Daytona Beach, in front of an unguarded lifeguard tower. Beach-goers nearby tried to revive him. “We tried to keep his head up, and then [...]

Swimming safety stressed at Valley pools

3 tímar 57 min síðani
Memorial Day weekend means many of the outdoor pools are open for the summer. But according to the Red Cross, more than half of all kids can’t perform basic safety skills in the water. So how do you keep your child safe at the pool? Nicole Braun always keeps an eye on her daughter Ronnie [...]

Air Force man dies in Cebu open water swimming competition

4 tímar 4 min síðani
Tragedy struck an open-water swimming competition in Cebu province over the weekend when a master sergeant of the Philippine Air Force died while participating in the activity. Eduardo Oriondo, 54, lost consciousness and drowned while taking part in the Olango Challenge, an open water swimming competition, on Saturday, GMA Cebu’s Vic Serna reported Monday. Oriondo [...]

What lifeguards want parents to know before heading to the pool

9 tímar 54 min síðani
The answer can be summed up in three words: Watch your children. Don’t rely on lifeguards. On a busy day at many pools there are easily 20 children for every lifeguard. Don’t count on water wings also known as swimmies- those inflatable rings that go around a child’s arm. They are NOT lifesaving devices. “A [...]

Baby hippo take a swim

Mán, 25/05/2015 - 23:42
On Thursday, baby hippo Devi made a big splash with visitors at the San Diego Zoo. The 8-week-old hippo, who was born to mom Funani in late March, is beginning to venture out to the deepest part of the 150,000 gallon pool, now that her mom isn’t as protective of her. Due to the protective [...]

‘Swim at your own risk’ may soon be a thing of the past

Mán, 25/05/2015 - 22:16
Certified lifeguards were eliminated from almost all state owned beaches back in 2008. Since then, six people have drowned. Senator Rob Teplitz (D-Dauphin/Perry) is now working to revive legislation that would restore lifeguards at beaches on state properties. See ABC27