‘Like a Girl’ Campaign Hopes to Champion Girls’ Confidences

Swimmer's Daily - 6 tímar 9 min síðani
Always, maker of feminine products, has made a “Girl Power” commercial, directed by Lauren Greenfield, “Sundance Film Festival award-winning creator of The Queen of Versailles, according to In the ad, Greenfield asks girls of all ages — and one young brother — what it means to do something “like a girl.” It’s interesting to [...]

Sudden hail storm in Russia has swimmers running for their lives

Swimmer's Daily - 6 tímar 14 min síðani
A sudden hail storm in Russia (Novosibirsk) 12.07.2014. Sudden cold snap to 20 degrees (from 41 to 21), plus strong winds and hail. This is Siberia, baby.

“Free Swim” documents paradox of Bahamians not knowing how to swim

Swimmer's Daily - 6 tímar 36 min síðani
Free Swim is an award winning documentary film about the paradox of coastal people not knowing how to swim. Taking place on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas we follow a group of kids as they overcome their fears, gain confidence and reconnect with their environment by learning to swim in open waters. With [...]

Study reveals homophobia common in Australian sport

Swimmer's Daily - 6 tímar 50 min síðani
The first national study of homophobia in Australian sport suggests insults, jokes and discrimination based on sexuality is commonplace both on and off the field. The findings came just days after Australia’s Olympic swimming star Ian Thorpe revealed he is gay and had feared the consequences of coming out. Read AFP

Freediver William Trubridge Plunges Into Nightmarish Abyss Without Oxygen

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 15:25
This will take your breath away. In a gorgeously shot video (above) for Steinlager Pure beer, freediving star William Trubridge looks like a man with gills as he plunges — without oxygen tanks — into the depths of the sea. Trubridge appears almost otherworldly, swimming down, down, down into an abyss called Dean’s Blue Hole, located in the [...]

Family Gets ‘Seal’ Of Approval While Boating Off Santa Barbara

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 14:16
It’s video almost too cute to ignore. It’s also a sea lion captured on video in a way most people never get to see. Andrew Hahn, his family and his fiance’s family were sailing off Santa Barbara about 2 p.m. Wednesday. They noticed they were being followed by a sea lion. Make that a most [...]

Over 1,600 people swim in Cross-Continental Race across Istanbul’s Bosphorus

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 13:41
Turkish swimmer Hasan Emre Musluoğlu has won the 26th edition of the Cross-Continental Swimming Race, which took place in Istanbul on July 20. Musluoğlu crossed the Bosphorus, the straight that divides Asia and Europe, in 41 minutes and 26 seconds. Fellow Turkish swimmer Bertuğ Coşkun came second with 42 minutes 58 seconds, followed by Russian [...]

Doping still a big issue in swimming, says Michael Jamieson

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 13:35
Michael Jamieson, who will lead the charge for Scottish medals in his native Glasgow on Thursday, has admitted he cannot say “with 100% certainty” that the Commonwealth Games will not be blighted by doping controversy. Read Herald Scotland

Chad Le Clos – Arena Backstage Photoshoot

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 13:29
Olympic 200m Butterfly Champion, Chad le Clos joined us recently in Barcelona for a photoshoot! Watch him in action, as he works out the latest arena swimsuits and accessories, paying particular attention to the end ‘penguin’ scene.

Venjaraskeið í september 2014 - Mán, 21/07/2014 - 09:20

Hevur tú hug at førleikamenna teg, at fáa eitt netverk tvørtur um ítróttagreinar og fáa íblástur til komandi kappingarár?

So er eitt skeið hjá ÍSF nakað fyri teg – sí lýsing niðanfyri.

Skeið fyri venjarum – Venjari 1
- Ítróttur fyri børn og ung.
- Ítróttur og venjing
- Ítróttaskaðar – nei takk

20. og 21. september 2014 verður skipað fyri enn einum skeiði fyri venjarum.

Byrjað verður leygardagin kl. 09.00 til 20.30 og sunnudagin verður hildið fram frá kl. 09.00 til 17.00. í ÍSF-húsinum í Havn.

Undirvísari: Heri Ziska. Undirvíst verður á føroyskum

ítróttanámsfrøði, ítróttaumhvørvi, menning hjá børnum, venjing, trygd og ábyrgd, etikkur og moralur. Hví venja? Og hvussu? Upphiting, anatomi og fysiologi, venjingarprinsippir, undirvísigarprinsippir.
Skeiðið skiftir ímillum at vera teoretiskt og praktiskt, so tá er gott við ítróttaklæðum.
Ongin próvtøka er, men kravt verður, at uppmøtingin er 100%. Eftir lokið skeið verður luttøkubræv útflýggjað.

Skeiðið er ein partur av venjaraútbúgvingini hjá DIF, Danska Ítróttasambandinum. Møguleiki er sostatt at byggja víðari upp á skeiðið.

Venjarar, hjálparfólk og leiðarar hjá børnum og ungum. Øll sum hava áhuga í og ábyrgd av børnum og ungum, sum luttaka í ítrótti.

Hvat fært tú burturúr:
- Vitan um menningina hjá børnum, fysiskt, psykiskt og samfelagsligt
- Tú lærir nakað um námsfrøði, venjarar av ymsum slag, at seta sær mál, um týdningin av góðum ítróttaumhvørvi.
- Ítøkilig hugskot til spøl og venjing hjá børnum og ungum
- Vitan um, hvussu kroppurin virkar, og hvat ein má taka hædd fyri í sambandi við venjing. Grundleggjandi vitan um venjing og fysiologi. Vitan um, hvussu ítróttaskaðar kunnu fyribyrgjast og um týdningin av rættari uppvenjing, um skaðin er hendur.

Luttakari skal vera 15 ár ella eldri. Tó kunnu vit gera frávik frá regluni um upptøku, um serstøk viðurskifti tala fyri hesum.

Kostnaðurin fyri skeiðið er 650 kr. Íroknað er frálærutilfar og matur.

Tilmeldingin fer fram við at trýsta á her, og gjaldast skal við tilmelding. Seinasta freist at melda til er mikudagin 10 september. 2014

GG! Avboð givin 10 dagar áðrenn skeiðsbyrjan kostað 50% av upprunakostnaðinum, og eftir tað er ikki møguleiki at fáa peningin endurgoldnan.

Tað er pláss fyri 25 luttakarum. Skeiðið verður hildið, treytað av at minst 15 luttakarar tilmelda seg.

Meiri fæst at vita frá ÍSF-skrivstovuni tlf. 312606.

James Magnussen and Cameron McEvoy unlikely rivals in Glasgow

Swimmer's Daily - Frí, 18/07/2014 - 12:30
The battle between James Magnussen and Cameron McEvoy for Australia’s – and potentially the world’s – freestyle sprint crown is shaping as swimming’s newest rivalry but the friends are such unlikely combatants that neither really believe that rivalry is the correct description. Dual world champion Magnussen is an alpha-male personality, tall and solidly built and [...]

Matt Abood finally gets his Commonwealth Games chance in Glasgow

Swimmer's Daily - Frí, 18/07/2014 - 11:35
No one would have blamed Matt Abood if, during the course of his unlucky journey, he decided that it was all too hard and gave swimming away. The freestyle sprinter has made three world championship teams for Australia and was a member of the 4×100-metre freestyle relay team that won gold in Shanghai in 2011, [...]

Eamon Sullivan retires dues to ongoing shoulder problems

Swimmer's Daily - Frí, 18/07/2014 - 11:23
Former freestyle world record holder Eamon Sullivan has announced his immediate retirement from competitive swimming due to ongoing shoulder injury concerns. Once holder of the 50m and 100m freestyle world records, West Australian Sullivan – who won two Olympic silver medals in Beijing – had been plagued by shoulder issues in recent times. The 28-year-old [...]

Úrval – ein nýggj stuðulsskipan - Hós, 17/07/2014 - 16:26

Á vári 2014 viðtók stjórnin hjá ÍSF eina nýggja stuðulsskipan, sum nenvnist Úrval. Úrval veitur stuðul til føroysk úrvalsítróttafólk.

Í fyrstu nevndini sita:

Magnus Tausen, form.
Ragnar Joensen
Jóhanna á Bergi
Katrin Olsen
Kári Purkhús, MMR

Sí meiri um Úrval her

Swimming Australia #OurTeam Fast Facts 4

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 16/07/2014 - 13:57
When they are not training or racing ‪#‎OurTeam‬ surfs, dunks, sleeps, eats, rests, rides, walks, slides, shops, cooks, tweets and dreams about what it means to ‪#‎Swim4Gold

Ellie Simmonds Reveals How To Swim Happy

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 16/07/2014 - 13:11
This summer, Ellie Simmonds is encouraging the nation to get back in the water and rediscover their love of swimming with an exclusive SwimBritain training session. A new four-week study by British Gas SwimBritain reveals that swimming increases sleep quality, energy levels and fitness. In fact, it can improve well-being by 20% after only one [...]

Camille Muffat retires after quarrel with coach

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 13/07/2014 - 14:45
Read NBC Sports and original story on L’Equipe France’s Camille Muffat, a rival to U.S. stars Missy Franklin and Katie Ledecky, has abruptly retired due to a dispute with her coach, according to L’Equipe. “I have taken a big decision to stop swimming,” she said, according to L’Equipe, translated by Agence France-Presse. “[The disagreement with [...]

Ian Thorpe comes out as gay

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 13/07/2014 - 13:35
After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay.Thorpe made the admission in a tell-all interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, News Corp reports. The interview, which will air on Sunday night on Channel Ten, has been described by Sir Michael as one he had wanted to do for a long [...]

Life is hard without internet :-)

Swimmer's Daily - Hós, 10/07/2014 - 20:12
Sorry about this site being so dead these days. I’m on a family holiday to Lake Garda in Italy and back, which meant that there wasn’t time while driving, and then unfortunately bad internet here at the camp site. We will be back in Denmark late Saturday, though still on holiday. In the meantime, please [...]
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