Shannon Rollason resigns as head coach of the Danish National Training Center

Swimmer's Daily - Hós, 18/09/2014 - 21:06
The Danish Swimming Federation today announced that they have received NTC head coach Shannon Rollason’s resignation, to leave his position as head coach of the National Training Center in Bellahøj after the World Short Course Championships in Doha in December. Rollason has been head coach of the Danish NTC since 1 March 2013, and was [...]

American man caught trying to swim to North Korea

Swimmer's Daily - Hós, 18/09/2014 - 15:21
A U.S. citizen was caught trying to cross a river border between South and North Korea, government sources said Wednesday. The man, who appeared to be in early his 30s, was taken into custody by South Korean Marines at around 11:55 p.m. on Tuesday in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province. He had been attempting to swim across [...]

Sarah Sjostrom & Gregorio Paltrinieri – 50m Freestyle Race

Swimmer's Daily - Hós, 18/09/2014 - 14:18
Arena challenged World 100m Butterfly Champion Sarah Sjostrom & European 800m & 1500m Freestyle Champion, Gregorio Paltrinieri to a fun 50m freestyle race! Who do you think won? Watch and find out!

Harvard Stadium Could Host Swimming At 2024 Olympics In Boston

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 17/09/2014 - 19:25
When it comes to the possibility of Boston hosting the 2024 Olympics, at least one idea is all wet — and we’re not talking about the debate over the feasibility of the city hosting the games. Historic Harvard Stadium could host swimming events in a prospective Boston Olympiad, according to The Boston Globe. A temporary [...]

Behind The Scenes with French TV at the Berlin 2014 Europeans

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 17/09/2014 - 17:08
Via SwimmingWorld, featuring Frédérick Bousquet

Fimtu ferð á rað, verður Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar høvuðsstuðul hjá føroyska oyggjaleikahópinum. - Mik, 17/09/2014 - 15:08

Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar verður enn einaferð høvuðsstuðul hjá føroyska oyggjaleikahópinum, sum komandi summar skal royna seg á Jersey. Hetta er greitt eftir, at Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar og ÍSF eru komin ásamt um nýggjan samstarvssáttmála.

- Vit eru takksom og errin av, at Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar hevur játtað at vera høvuðsstuðul á Oyggjaleikunum á Jersey 2015. Tað er einki dulsmál, at tað er kostnaðarmikið at fara við stórum ferðalagi til Jersey, og tí kemur íkastið hjá Tryggingarfelagnum Føroyum væl við, sigur Anna Rein, nevndarlimur í ÍSF.

Samstarvssáttmálin hevur við sær, at Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar rindar fyri búnar og ávísa útgerð til allar luttakarar, ið eru við í Oyggjaleikahópinum. Oyggjaleikirnir eru størsta einstaka ítróttatiltak, ið Føroyar sum tjóð taka lut í.  Á leikunum á Jersey verða Føroyar umboðaðar í 13 ítróttagreinum. Talan verður um 136 íðkarar, umframt venjarar og leiðarar, so í alt verða umleið 175 ítróttafólk, ið vera við. Ítróttargreinarnar eru: Frælsur ítróttur, badminton, bogaskjóting, tennis, golf, kurvabóltur, borðtennis, svimjing, skjóting, flogbóltur, strandarflogbóltur, súkkling og triathlon.

- Tryggingarfelagið Føroyar er felagið fyri allar føroyingar. Tí kennist tað natúrligt, at vit stuðla Oyggjaleikum, har flestu ítróttargreinar, sum føroyingar íðka, eru umboðaðar. Vit eru glað fyri, at vit enn einaferð saman við ÍSF kunnu tryggja føroyska luttøku á Oyggjaleikunum,” sigur Regin Hammer, forstjóri á Tryggingarfelagnum Føroyum.

Whale shark ploughs into unsuspecting diver

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 17/09/2014 - 14:30
Chris Coates was holding his breath and filming another diver on a spearfishing adventure film shoot off Ascension Island when the unusual accident happened. Mr Coates, who was focusing on the action in front of him, failed to spot the enormous shark approaching him from behind and by the time he was warned by the [...]

Dr. Rhonda Milner on Preventing Shallow Water Blackout

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 17/09/2014 - 09:07
In this video interview from last week’s American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic, Milner talked about the tragic death of her son from shallow water blackout that prompted her to to educate people on the dangers of hypoxic training and why many don’t often see the danger until it’s too late. See SwimmingWorld

Speedo Fit – A New App for Fitness Swimmers

Swimmer's Daily - Týs, 16/09/2014 - 14:16
Download Speedo Fit now from the App Store: Speedo Fit is a new app specifically made by swimmers for swimmers. Now you have a swim partner to track your progress and give you the information and inspiration you need to be fit. For more information visit:

Inside The Anti-Doping Lab

Swimmer's Daily - Týs, 16/09/2014 - 14:13
See how clean athletes are protected with an inside look at one of WADA’s anti-doping laboratories.

Nudists accused of stealing water to fill swim pool

Swimmer's Daily - Týs, 16/09/2014 - 09:51
A nudist resort in Northern California has been accused of stealing water from a local creek during the state’s severe drought, according to local news media. Authorities from the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District, which protects wildlife habitat, said the clothing-optional Lupin Lodge had been diverting water, some of which was used to fill the [...]

361° Asian Games ‘Pull No Punches’ ad featuring Sun Yang

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 22:41
In preparation for the Asian Games starting September 19, 2014, 361 have released a tongue-in-cheek campaign featuring Olympic Swimmer Sun Yang. The Asian Games will see Sun Yang face his chief opponent, the Korean swimmer Park Tae-hwan. In the series of 4 commercials, Sun Yang pokes fun at Park Tae-hwan telling him with a cheeky [...]

Tangled Manta Ray asks for diver’s help – Ghost Fishing – Costa Rica

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 14:06
We (Brazil) were diving at Bat Islands, Costa Rica, when this peaceful manta came. Brian Thompson (Canada) gently cut the net fishing and now the manta can live with no pain. Courtesy of Oceano VideoSub on YouTube

Lewis Pugh – Seven Swims; Arabian Sea

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 09:52
Ocean advocate and endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh is undertaking the first long distance swim in all the 7 Seas (Mediterranean, Adriatic, Aegean, Black, Red and North Seas) to highlight the urgent need for more Marine Protected Areas (essentially national parks in the sea).

2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials Return to Omaha

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 08:57
USA Swimming, in collaboration with the United States Olympic Committee, announced in April of 2013 that Omaha, Neb., has been selected as the host city for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming.

Bianchi and Bridi overall winners of the Castellabate 2014 LEN Open Water Swimming Cup

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 08:37
LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup, Final – Castellabate (ITA) Italians sweep overall titles Italy’s Andrea Bianchi and Arianna Bridi won the respective overall titles in Castellabate in the two-day final of the LEN European Open Water Swimming Cup series. A tough challenge awaited those who went for the highest ranks in the general classifications: [...]

Jimmy Feigen and Chloe Sutton Take Over The Morning Swim Show

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 15/09/2014 - 08:21
Olympians Jimmy Feigen and Chloe Sutton talk about a myriad of topics as they interview each other on today’s episode of The Morning Swim Show!

Historic Black-Owned Swim Club Seeks Bankruptcy

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 14/09/2014 - 19:16
A Philadelphia-area swimming pool that opened in the late 1950s for black members who were denied access to a nearby whites-only pool has filed for bankruptcy. Officials who put the Nile Swim Club of Yeadon into Chapter 11 protection on Wednesday didn’t explain the club’s survival plan in the seven-page bankruptcy petition. Officials launched a [...]

“Alcione C” Borgosub Freediving 2014

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 14/09/2014 - 18:40
Club Borgosub Freediving freediving on a sunken ship

Doctor’s weight-loss order pushed her into the pool; now she’s a champ

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 14/09/2014 - 18:11
Her doctor’s words shook her like an earthquake: “If you don’t lose weight, you won’t get to your 60th birthday.” Vivian Stancil, a retired Long Beach schoolteacher, was 50. She stood 5 feet tall and weighed 319 pounds. “A bowling ball wouldn’t even describe what I was,” Stancil says. “I could barely walk. But I [...]
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