‘You never swim a perfect race’

Swimmer's Daily - 3 tímar 17 min síðani
With the conclusion of the swimming for the 2014 Commonwealth Games, Cameron McEvoy and James Magnussen are already looking to improve their strokes for the Pan Pacific championships in mid-August. See brisbanetimes

German scientist starts four-week swim down Rhine river

Swimmer's Daily - 3 tímar 49 min síðani
A German chemistry professor started on Monday a gruelling four-week solo swim down the Rhine river for the benefit of science and the environment. Self-confessed “mad professor” Andreas Fath, who set off on his 1,231-kilometre (764-mile) adventure with a splash into Switzerland’s Lake Toma, plans to swim through Germany and France to reach the river’s [...]

Three siblings’ attempt to swim the English Channel falls short of a first

Swimmer's Daily - 3 tímar 52 min síðani
In the end, the odds were too much for the three Wahls. Devin and Danielle Wahl completed their English Channel swim Sunday. The 21-mile crossing in 64-degree water was more harrowing and painful than they expected. Their younger brother Dustin was forced to quit 13 miles in, overcome with cramps and nausea. The goal of [...]

High dive fails terribly as swimmer changes mind

Swimmer's Daily - 4 tímar 4 min síðani
Footage taken from Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, USA, shows a girl on the edge of the middle board, about to dive in to the swimming pool below. But in a last-second change of heart, she grabs onto the railings to stop herself – even though she’s already too late to stop. What happens next is [...]

Prince George Learns to Swim

Swimmer's Daily - 4 tímar 16 min síðani
It’s the biggest little secret and now it can be revealed: Everyone’s favorite prince is learning to swim. Like his father and grandfather before him, Prince George is experiencing the royal splash-about with his mother at the world’s most exclusive gym, the Buckingham Palace pool. Kate was seen driving in to the grounds of Buckingham [...]

Swim With Manatees With River Ventures

Swimmer's Daily - 4 tímar 19 min síðani
In the warm, calm waters of Crystal River, Fla., there resides an aggregation of some of the most magnificent and mysterious creatures that perhaps ever survived on this planet. The manatee, as I was fortunate enough to find out first hand, are not only gentle giants, they are playful, curious and simply fascinating to watch [...]

Iconic Eastbourne Pier goes up in flames in UK

Swimmer's Daily - 8 tímar 56 min síðani
A “devastating” fire has destroyed part of Eastbourne Pier after an arcade caught light at the popular seaside resort. Up to 80 firefighters battled the blaze from the coast, the beach and from underneath the Victorian structure to bring it under control. Police evacuated scores of tourists and beachgoers from the attraction, while lifeboats were [...]

Results not matching funding for Swimming NZ

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 30/07/2014 - 23:38
Nearly nine million dollars spent in four years and two medals to show for it. That’s the meagre return on investment for Swimming New Zealand following a lean Commonwealth Games display in Glasgow that would have been disastrous if not for Lauren Boyle. New Zealand’s four-medal haul in the pool was only given weight by [...]

Glasgow 2014: Officials insist records will stand despite defective pool floor

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 30/07/2014 - 10:58
Commonwealth Games and FINA officials insist records set in the Glasgow pool will stand despite revelations that a technical hitch has left the floor stuck in an uneven position. The Tollcross pool has a moveable floor that allows the depths to be changed. But the floor became stuck fast the day before competition began on [...]

SW MSS: Adolph Kiefer, Swimming’s Greatest Contributor

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 30/07/2014 - 10:34
In addition to being a 1936 Olympic gold medalist, Kiefer’s contributions to the sport of swimming go beyond his abilities in the pool. He talks about developing a manual for teaching soldiers how to swim, and starting his company of swim products. These accomplishments are just some of the reasons why Swimming World continues to [...]

Fan removed from the swimming in Glasgow for displaying a Yes Saltire

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 30/07/2014 - 10:28
A team Scotland supporter was escorted out of her seat by police at the swimming event in Glasgow for holding up a Saltire with the word Yes on it. The woman – who the Daily Record would like to hear from – also had a Yes badge on her handbag and was escorted from her [...]

Freak lightning storm strikes Venice Beach, kills 1 and injures several

Swimmer's Daily - Mik, 30/07/2014 - 10:06
A 20-year-old man died after lightning from a rare summer thunderstorm jolted a Southern California beach, injuring or rattling more than a dozen people, authorities said. Witnesses said they saw a glare of light and heard a tremendous boom as lightning struck the water off of Venice Beach around 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Swimmers cooling off [...]

Injured Olympian swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen on moving forward

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 28/07/2014 - 11:38
In this web extra, Van Dyken-Rouen shares how she stays optimistic during her recovery from an ATV accident that severely injured her spine.

National Swim Teams Train in Flagstaff for 2016 Olympics

Swimmer's Daily - Mán, 28/07/2014 - 10:20
NAZ Today’s Alex Lucero reports on NAU’s Hypo2 training program for Olympic athletes. Currently, NAU is hosting the Brazilian and Japanese National Swimteams at their Aquatic Center to train for the 2016 summer Olympics in Brazil. Brazilian swimmer Henrique Rodrigues says this is his second time training in Flagstaff and thinks the high altitude training [...]


Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 20:24
Via GoPro on Google+ A group of marine conservationists get crazy with the aquaball. Video by Christopher Cilfone. 

Chad Le Clos survives bus scare to retain 200m butterfly title

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 18:59
South Africa’s Chad le Clos solidified his status as the world’s best 200m butterfly swimmer as he retained his Commonwealth Games title on Saturday, while Australia added another four golds in the pool. [...] Le Clos nearly came a cropper before he even got into the pool on Saturday after twisting his ankle when slipping [...]

Glasgow 2014: Adam Peaty beats idol Cameron van der Burgh in the breaststroke

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 18:53
Adam Peaty produced a storming last 25 metres to land the Commonwealth 100m breaststroke title on a night of double Glasgow gold for England at the Tollcross Swimming Centre. The 19-year-old reeled in South Africa’s Cameron van der Burgh in the closing stages to touch in a Games record of 58.94 seconds, with home favourite [...]

Jessica Hardy | Breaststroke Breathing – Swim Technique

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 17:30
Two-time Olympic medallist, Jessica Hardy, demonstrates how to breathe effectively during breaststroke in our how-to video, devised to help you improve your breaststroke breathing technique. Learn how and when to take a breath with advice from our elite swim coach.

Ryan Lochte | Backstroke Turn Technique

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 17:00
Discover how to master your backstroke turn with our informative swimming video. Featuring a demonstration from Olympic gold medallist, Ryan Lochte, it’s packed with advice from our elite swim coach to help you change direction quickly and effectively.

Jessica Hardy | Breaststroke Kick – Swim Technique

Swimmer's Daily - Sun, 27/07/2014 - 16:30
Olympic gold medallist, Jessica Hardy, performs a powerful breaststroke kick demonstration in this how-to swimming video, devised to help you master your breaststroke kick technique. Featuring commentary from our elite swim coach, it includes tips on ankle and foot placement to help you maximise your kick power and speed.
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