4 thoughts on “Video frá Great London Swim 2010”

  1. “Well, you know, swimming is just a fantastic sport. We are a nation of swimmers, you know, a best kept secret, 12 million people who regularly swim. It’s amazing what that contributes to the health of the nation. And it is not just about the physical health, it is also about your psychological health. Getting in the water, away from the outside world, away from the brutality of gravity. You are really free and you are in the here and now. And you have an event like this that you can train for, and then have yourself a little celebration afterwards, you know, I got a glass of fizzy water today, you know, say, I did it, I was there!”

    Duncan Goodhew, føddur í 1957, OL gull í 100 metra bringusvimjing í Moskva í 1980, nú hyggesvimjari í Great London Swim 2010.

  2. Super svimjari bæði í kappsvimjingarhyli og í open water, sum vann OL silvur í 10 km open water svimjing í Beijing í 2008, og sum tvær ferðir hevur vunnið HM bronsu í 1500 metra kappsvimjing í vanligum svimjingarhyli.

    Pál bleiv nummar 4 [fnis]

  3. So eg havi skift hana út her omanfyri, og seti hina fyrru inn her (av tí at hin kann vísast í størri stødd):

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